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UI5con is meant to connect all the geeks out there and provide a common platform to get to know each other, discuss innovations, and find solutions.

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Join the event on June 5, in-person in St. Leon-Rot, Germany, or virtually through the OpenUI5 YouTube channel.

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UI5con is a free of charge event for UI5 enthusiasts to meet and find out what’s happening in the UI5 world.

Our Agenda

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  1. 7:30 - 8:30 ROT03 front door

    Community Run

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    As conferences usually involve a lot of sitting and standing inside it is a good idea to move a bit outside with sun and fresh air before a long day inside.
    Get all the details here: SAP Community

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Expert Corner Sessions

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Our Jury

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We couldn’t do UI5con without our amazing sponsors! They’re the ones who make this conference possible. Their incredible support allows us to keep the event free for everyone.

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