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UI5 Build and Development Tooling

An open and modular toolchain to develop state of the art UI5 applications.

UI5 Inspector

The UI5 Inspector is a standard Chrome extension for debugging and getting to know UI5 applications.

UI5 Schemas

UI5 Schemas allows you to develop SAPUI5/OpenUI5 XML views at a maximum convenience by setting up XML "schemas."


Meteor-UI5 is a collection of packages that brings together two powerful open source JavaScript web frameworks: Meteor and OpenUI5.
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Add a new project

You have an open source project that extends or contributes to OpenUI5? Add it to our list!
Please understand that we prefer not to list application demos or commercial projects.

That’s how you do it:

  1. Open the SAP OpenUI5 Git repository.
  2. Login or register on GitHub.
  3. Fork the OpenUI5 project to your repository.
  4. Switch to the gh-pages branch.
  5. Select theOpenUI5RelatedProjects.json file and open it.
  6. Add a new entry. It should look like this example:
    	"name": "<official name of your project>",
    	"description": "<short description of your project>",
    	"githubLink": "<link to your GitHub repository>",
    	"documentationLink": "<link to the documentation>",
    	"owner": "<the owner of the project>",
    	"license": "<license of your project>",
    	"type": "<Tool/Control/Extension/Add-On/Other>"
  7. Commit your changes.
  8. Make a new pull request.
  9. After we’ve reviewed your change, your project will appear on this page.