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May 30, 2017

Build your own Twitter wall with UI5

Hey #APIFriday-ers! If you have been following along with SAPPHIRE, you know that the SAP API Business Hub got an awesome refresh that came with a bunch of new content, like Machine Learning and...

July 07, 2015

Welcome to 30 Days of UI5!

Added on July 07, 2015 08:27 AM , written by DJ Adams

Join DJ in his great initiative, he started to create daily posts about UI5 on his blog. We will feature some of the content and contribute as well. As a bit of fun, and to celebrate this version 1.30...

February 02, 2015

OpenUI5 at FOSDEM 2015

Added on February 02, 2015 12:36 PM , written by DJ Adams

I just returned from FOSDEM, the conference for free and open source software developers that’s held annually in Brussels. It’s a super event that has a long pedigree already, and has managed to...

November 14, 2014 community page

Added on November 14, 2014 03:14 PM , written by OpenUI5

Check out this new community project featuring youtube videos, github projects and tutorials. The homepage is created enteriley with UI5!

October 13, 2014

SAPUI5 and OpenUI5 and more

Hi all, we would like to share important news although one or the other might have already realized them. Since last Friday, we have enabled code contributions to OpenUI5. First of all, this...

September 29, 2014

OpenUI5: Offene JavaScript-Bibliothek von SAP

Added on September 29, 2014 12:43 PM , written by webmobile developer redaktion

UI5 erlaubt Entwicklern Unternehmenstaugliche Webanwendungen zu entwickeln, die alle Geräte unterstützen und auf (nahezu) allen Webbrowsern laufen.

July 29, 2014

SAP embraces opens source - sort of

Years of slow change are finally leading to new openness at SAP, at least in connection with SAP HANA. At the annual OSCON (Open Source Convention) last week, those stuck in a worldview of open...

December 11, 2013

What is OpenUI5 / SAPUI5 ?

Read the OpenUI5 announcement on the SAP Community Network (SCN) of SAP. Andreas explains the reasons for open sourceing UI5 and what OpenUI5 is about

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