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Learn more about the Key Features of OpenUI5

OpenUI5 is a web toolkit for developers to ease and speed up the development of full-blown HTML5 web applications. Made open source by SAP, OpenUI5 includes all the main features of SAPUI5, the library SAP uses for its web applications. It encompasses the complete SAPUI5 core plus more than 200 frontend controls that are also included in SAPUI5. It is built up on these principles:

Enterprise Ready Web Toolkit

Created by professionals for modern developers building state-of-the-art web applications.
It comes with all features needed to cover most current application requirements, with standards high enough to be delivered in standard SAP solutions.

  • Build mission-critical apps and concentrate on user requirements; let OpenUI5 handle the rest
  • Wrapped around a holistic understanding of business requirements
  • Full translation/i18n support
  • Built-in extensibility concepts at code and application level
  • Supports keyboard interaction
  • Comes with a "High Contrast Black" theme to aid visually handicapped users

Powerful Development Concepts

The OpenUI5 core offers a solid foundation that simplifies development by managing many aspects of modern development behind the scenes. It comes with built-in support for architectural concepts like MVC, two-way Data Binding and routing.

  • Includes standards like MVC and various data-binding types
  • Choose between different view formats (XML, HTML, JavaScript, JSON)
  • Binding with OData, JSON, XML and other data formats
  • Built-in support tool for exploring the object tree and binding status

Feature-Rich UI Controls

More than 200 UI controls are included, ranging from basic elements to complex UI patterns. Use them straight out of the box, or extend and tweak them to meet your requirements.

  • Large set of controls ranging from basic functionality to complex UI patterns
  • Predefined layouts for typical use cases
  • Intelligent application containers that simplify the creation of full-blown web applications
  • Special controls for dedicated desktop applications

Consistent User Experience

OpenUI5 applications benefit from a consistent design language and predefined UX patterns across all frontend features. Use a predefined theme or our online theming tool; currently available as a trial version.

  • Benefit from the world's largest business software vendor's current efforts to define modern user experience
  • Featuring the Fiori Design language that is based on extensive UX research

Free and Open Source

Well-established open source libraries and modern web standards form a powerful toolkit for the open source community.

  • Free to use, released under the Apache 2.0 license
  • Fueled by well-established open source projects like jQuery and data.js
  • Based on proven web standards (HTML5, CSS, OData, XML)
  • Open to community feedback and bug reports
  • Open for contributions
  • Updated frequently with new features and bug fixes

Responsive Across Browsers and Devices

No need to worry about device specifics - OpenUI5 applications run on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. The UI controls automatically adapt themselves to each device's capabilities and make the most of the real estate available.

  • Code once and run on any device!
  • Controls and layouts are designed for perfect responsiveness
  • Easy detection of the run-time environment
  • Unified event handling for mouse and touch-enabled devices
  • Allows packaging and shipping as a hybrid app