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The Runtime package contains everything needed to run a UI5 application.
The SDK package also contains the complete documentation and samples as a web page to deploy on your own server. It is a copy of our public online SDK.

Other packages and versions are available below. For an overview of the current maintenance state of the different OpenUI5 versions, please check the version overview page.

Unstable Development Builds - Change in Release Strategy

The change to a monthly release cycle for OpenUI5 is a great way to get fresh innovations every month, making unstable development builds redundant.

Content Delivery Network (use OpenUI5 without downloading)

There is a network of distributed servers that automatically provides OpenUI5 from the closest location to the user. In your app you can simply load UI5 by referring to: There is a list of all available online versions. Only use the latest versions of a branch marked as "Stable" for productive apps, but test new preview versions early to give feedback!
In case this is not clear yet, see this simple example for using the CDN.


You can also consume every OpenUI5 library individually via npm.

Example: npm install @openui5/sap.ui.core @openui5/sap.m @openui5/themelib_sap_belize [...]

Note: The npm releases do not contain library preload files. They only contain the raw source files of the OpenUI5 libraries. Preload files for components and libraries can be built using the UI5 Build and Development Tooling.

All Available Download Versions

Note: the Runtime Mobile download is a stripped-down package, containing only what is typically used in mobile apps, optimized for use in hybrid containers.

Content of the Open Source Version

The main control libraries of UI5 like the responsive libraries 'sap.m', 'sap.ui.layout', 'sap.ui.unified' and the entire UI5 Core are all available under the Apache license and contained in the above downloads. These libraries are identical to the non-Open-Source versions ("SAPUI5"). Some other SAPUI5 libraries, like the 'sap.viz' chart library, are not available under an Open Source license and not contained here.


To get the source code, just browse the repository on GitHub or look inside the UI5 Runtime archive, it contains all source files also in non-minified format (*-dbg.js).