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Usage of the OpenUI5 name and logo

Feel free to spread the word about OpenUI5 and use our logo.
Please follow these few guidelines when doing so:


The official name is OpenUI5 - capital O, capital UI, no spaces between Open and UI5.

If you use the correct name you help people recognize it and e.g. avoid the impression that we are building "Openui" in version 5. The short name "UI5" is also fine, in particular when you explain something that is not specific to the Open Source version, but also applies to SAPUI5.

Feel free to download our logo set (including SVG and EPS versions) or save the following logo PNGs individually:

OpenUI5 Logo only

OpenUI5 Logo with text below

OpenUI5 Logo with text on the right side

(with black background)
(with transparent background)


  • Change the colors, font or text style
  • Add effects (like shadow, glow)
  • Mix it with other content
Why? We want people to recognize it easily.

3D Logo Model

Here you can download STL model files for use with 3D printers:

Inside each archive there are two files: *_circle.stl to be printed in blue (#009DE0) and *_phoenix.stl to be printed in white. They need to be printed separately and then glued together. Before printing you want to adjust the size and possibly the thickness of the model.
You can use the 3D model data under the same terms as the OpenUI5 logo graphics.


If you wish to create an OpenUI5-like color scheme, you can use the main brand color - the OpenUI5 Blue:



  • Use our logo for all your needs (presentations, products, websites, merchandise, ...)
  • Show a clear differentiation between your initiative/service/product and the OpenUI5 brand
  • Clearly state that you are a partner or community project and link to our official website
Examples: You are allowed to initiate a group called "Munich OpenUI5 User Group" and register and operate the domain "". You are also allowed to use the logo in news or reports about OpenUI5 or encyclopedic articles like in Wikipedia.


  • Pretend to be officially affiliated with OpenUI5 unless authorized by the OpenUI5 team (e.g. "The Official OpenUI5 Forum")
  • Register and operate official looking accounts or websites (e.g. registering the "OpenUI5" account in a social network)
  • Publish and replicate content from our official website (creating unnecessary redundancies and outdated content), link to us instead if possible
Why? Be fair and honest to people interested in UI5 and don't try to attract them by pretending to be an official site.

For any other legal or organizational questions please contact us at Please do NOT use this mail address for any technical questions.